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I had a 1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville D'Elegance that I bought and put into a storage unit at U"¢Store"¢It Self Storage 1202 Antioch Pike Nashville TN, 37211.

I have been a customer of theirs for years & years I have been in several different units in my years there.

I rented a storage unit that a water main broke in that flooded my unit so they moved me to a bigger unit# 1220 at a discount witch I moved my classic car, boat, truck and all my personal stuff into. I work out on the road so I don't get in to often but when I am home I go there to pull out my Pickup truck or Car or Boat and work on them or use them.

2 weeks before Christmas 2010 I came home and pulled my pickup truck out of storage to find all of my belongs to been damaged by paint overspray from a unit next to me. So I went to the onsite manger to file a claim & complaint with the office due to paint over spray to all my stuff in storage from someone doing auto body work & painting in the unit next to me. witch I was told they where warned about painting in there before!

I asked the manger how the INS claim would work and what it would cover that's when I found out it only covered 2000.00 worth of damages So I asked him to increase it to the max cause just my boat alone was worth more then that witch he said he would take care of, Then he asked me to work out a deal with the people that did the damage to my stuff or he would have to evict them, So feeling bad about it did. but they never fix a thing then 2 days before Christmas 2010 the storage unit next to mine caught fire (the same unit that did the paint overspray) burning my unit to the ground, and several others units and lots of cars.

I then later found out from other tenets and victims of the fire that the on sight manger was letting people run businesses & repair shops & body shops out of theses storage units for years!!!! witch is not aloud at all!

The unit that caused all the damages next to my unit was changing a fuel tank on a customers car in the winter time with a propane heater next to him witch caught fire and blew up causing all the damages.

When I confronted management on what was going on and what was going to be done about it there was no answer given but to call the INS company. I then knew there was something wrong and fishy about the whole thing so I called FOX17 news for help. they have video footage of these guys working on cars and doing repair work in units farther down from me, that they took the next day. I also have pictures of all the cars that where being worked on and there plate numbers.

I also have audio recorded of on site manger admitting damages, proof of repair shops being run out of there, as well as body shops, and painting damage done from over spray.

After talking with onsite management again 5 days after the fire the storage company had evicted anyone that was running a business or shop out of there place the very next day! after I confronted them, trying to cover it up.

Since then I have tried to settle out of court with them but the offer was to low so I denied it. now there saying it not there fault so there not paying,

witch brings me to this! and You.

I had been restoring this Cadillac for over a year and have been plain it for 2 years I have thousands in that car alone! not including paint damage and personal stuff from a auto repair shop once owned. I have recites for parts I bought & EBay & Paypal Invoice's for parts too, I have proof of everything!

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Wow u really got screwed! However hate to point this out if your insurance cap was $2k thats all you should expect unless your state has some kind of additional legal tools if the management was negligent.

Thats the max mine will pay unless I want to pay a higher premium.


I agree with Pulltype, you'll need an attorney, but with all the proof and receipts you have I can't see you losing, and you should get as a part of the final settlement a full reimbursement of all attorney's fees and any other fees, court costs, time lost from work do to all this, pain and suffering from loss of the personal items and records, and I could go on and on. You deserve to get all this after their violations!!! Go For it, they obviously want to play hardball!


Out of court will not work and you will need an attorney. May cost some money, but you should get attorney's fees as well as long as you win. Good luck.

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